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In order to adhere to ethical marketing practices, we firmly ask for your compliance on the following issues. We reserve the right to close and delete any account which violates any of these policies. Payouts will not be made to accounts who do not adhere to these policies.

- It is strictly prohibited that affiliates may not promote any of the DungeonBank programs on sites displaying child pornography, bestiality, hate sites or sites displaying any other kind of illegal material.

- Spam is strictly prohibited in all it’s manifestations.

- Fraud of our sites is strictly prohibited.

- Affiliates may only use DungeonBank images and videos to promote DungeonBank sites. Affiliates may crop and resize our images provided that the URLs are not removed or in any way made illegible.

- It is prohibited to send redirect TGP traffic directly on our sites.

- It is prohibited to create several accounts using one's own referral link. This is a fraudulent activity and any affiliate will have thier accounts deleted and payouts cancelled if this type of activity is noted.

- Do not use misleading advertising copy to send traffic to our sites. If this type of activity leads to a high rate of chargebacks, the account will be deleted and payouts cancelled.

- The affiliate is responsible for providing DungeonBank with a valid e-mail address to be used for contact purposes.

- In the event that any conditions need to be changed, or new conditions added, DungeonBank will post a notice on the Webmasters page. Affiliates will have seven (7) days to become fully compliant with the new conditions. Affiliates not respecting the new conditions will have their accounts terminated, and commissions generated after the new conditions become applicable will be forfeited.

- DungeonBank reserves the right to terminate this agreement or program at any time, for any reason. In any case, affiliates will be notified and will be paid for all earnings generated up to that point in time, except in cases where it is determined that the affiliate has cheated by violating these terms and conditions.

-Credit card fraud is closely monitored and will not be tolerated. Every case is reported to the credit card companies and to the appropriate authorities. In the event that any sort of mechanism to falsely generate signups is detected, we will prosecute the responsible webmaster to the full extent of the law, and, of course, the affiliate's account will be terminated and commissions forfeited.

IF you have any questions or conerns pertaining to these terms and conditions, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement

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