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Frequently Asked Questions
The following is a set of FAQs regarding the switch of to General program FAQs are listed below.

Q: When did you make the switch from to
A: On Friday, February 15th we began the server, script and URL switch.

Q: Why did you change the program srcipt to NATS?
A: We felt that although the previous script had worked well since 2004, we wanted to utilize better stats tracking and many, many more options that were available with NATS.

Q: Why did you change the URL to
A: In the summer of 2007, we decided to give Kabneched Inc an overhaul and wanted the entire company to have a cohesive marketing theme. We renamed the corporation from Kabneched Inc to We felt that our affiliate program should reflect the new marketing theme and decided on

Q: Will my XCC links forward and credit my sales and rebills in DB?
A: Yes! The old XCC links will be live for a very long time, if not forever. The redirect works great and has been thoroughly tested. At this point the program is running fine and all affiliates are earning sales and rebills through the new DungeonBank links as well as the old XCC links.

Q: Have my payout amounts from XCC been transfered to DungeonBank?
A: Yes! The balance of the money earned in XCC from February 1st- Febraury15th has been tranfered into DungeonBank and is waiting to be paid out next month. This includes all amounts for all affiliates, and roll over amounts.

Q: I am a CCbill webmaster and I used XCC link codes, but was paid by CCbill. What will happen with my payouts?
A: Nats will still track your stats and sales. CCbill will no longer track your stats and sales. All CCbill webmasters who used XCC link codes will now be paid out by DungeonBank, once per month, default by check. These webmasters will be able to choose any payment option that they request and we ask that you check your account in NATS to verify your information and choose a different payout option if you wish.

Q: I am a CCbill webmaster and I used CCbill link codes, and was paid by CCbill. What will happen with my payouts?
A: All CCbill webmasters who used CCbill link codes will still be paid out by CCbill. These webmasters will not be able to track their stats and sales in DungeonBank at all. CCbill webmasters who use CCbill links codes will only be able to track their stats and recieve paouts through CCbill.

General FAQs

Q: Do you pay bonuses for high monthly sales?
A: Yes, for 20 new sales per month the split raises to 55%, for 40 new sales per month the split raises to 60% and for 75 new sales per month your split grows to 65%.

Q: Are there any fees associated with sales and rebills?
A: No, this is a true split and we pay all fees. You get paid every cent that you earn.

Q: Do you have a webmaster referral program?
A: Yes, for every webmaster you refer you will receive 10% of sales taht they make.

Q: Where can I view sales and traffic stats?
A: After you join the DungeonBank program you will have access to full real time stats for your traffic, sales and referrels.

Q: Webmasters from which countries can participate in your program?
A: We work with webmasters from all countries as long as they adhere to the policies of the program.

Q: What billing systems do you use?
A: Currently we use CCbill on all of our sites and 3 of our sites have PayCom also. We are in the process of acquiring our own sales account and NetBilling will administer that gateway. We will announce when this transition occurs.

Q: When do you make payouts?
A: We make payouts once a month within 15 days of the first of the month.

Q: What is the minimal amount of payouts?
A: Only accounts with over $100 will be paid. If lower than $100, the amount will roll over to the next month's payout.

Q: What payment options do you have?
A: Checks, CGPay, bank wires and ePassporte.

Q: Do you charge a fee for bank wires?
A: Yes, the charge for bank wires is $30 per wire.

Q: Do you provide free content?
A: Yes, you will find it in the Promo tools section in the admin area of your account. Also available are banners of various sizes and new free hosted galleries each week.

Q: Do you provide downloadable content?
A: SOON! We are adding zips very soon which will contain 6 high quality video clips, 6 standard quality video clips, 16 photos with thumbs, text file descriptions and all the Indexes associated with the gallery. We will anounce when these zip files are ready.

Q: Do you provide RSS feeds?
A: SOON! We are in the process of setting up the feeds and linking them in the DungeonBank admin. We will announce when the feeds are ready.

Q: Do you provide free hosting?
A: As soon as launches, we will accept applications to use our Free Server. Affiliates may only use our free server to promote DungeonBank sites.

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